Baladin Open Garden


YOUR Beer Park

Imagine a park surrounded by nature, a farmers' market, a meeting place.
A large green area to discover the link between Earth and Beer. How? Together!

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We are in Piozzo, Piedmont, a small farming town in the Province of Cuneo, looking over the suggestive landscape of the Langhe, a land of great wines, a place where, for some time now, vineyards border hops fields, thanks to the presence of Baladin. Here, where just a few months ago a new production facility was opened, soon there will also be the Baladin Open Garden, created with a precise vision of the future in which we would like a large community to participate, because it’s a dream that we want to share!

To make this dream come true, we chose a crowdfunding platform, in order to unite our desire to remain independent, with the idea of making this park a place not only open to all, but also belonging to all, in line with the Open Baladin sharing philosophy. 

A LIVE place to meet, spend time with your family and friends in nature and where, for those who wish to, you can discover Craft Beer and it’s direct relationship with the Earth and agriculture. Teo Musso’s inspiring idea is in fact that of creating a community that mantains a language of integration between the agricultural world and artisanship. 

Thus is born this unique concept, that we hope will belong to all. The first Italian Beer park, but that is also much more! Baladin Open Garden.

Cascina Coda

Emblem of this new adventure is the farmhouse, a typical Piedmont farmhouse from the1600s, symbol of the roots that we will never forget: it’s refurbishment has started, and with your help we want to transform it into a welcoming environment open to all: a starting point for your trip to discover the park, which extends for over 73.000 square meters, from the story of the Earth that gives us our Beer, to live this unique emotion in a magnificent territory, immersed in nature.

The Beer

As with all Baladin stops, it is celebrated with the creation of a special Beer: the Baladin Open Garden, that can be tasted only at the park, directly from the tap and not bottled.
In a special event it will be bottled in a Magnum format during the campaign, to bring some of the smells and tastes of the park home with you and make you want to come visit us at the Baladin Open Garden!!

Because Beer is Earth! - Teo Musso

Baladin Agricultural Farm Brewery

Baladin’s story starts in 1986, when the pub “Le Baladin” was founded in Piozzo, born from the enthusiasm of a young man passionate about Craft Beer and music, the name was an idea of his friend François Bidon – circus poet – that in antique French means “the ballad singer”.
Teo Musso thus starts on the path that will lead him to create his own brewpub in 1996. The birth of the Baladin brewery coincides with that which is normally defined the rebirth of Craft Beer in Italy. A very vivacious and active movement in which Teo was certainly a protagonist, fundamental for the diffusion of the Brewer’s culture in the Italian territory and an important flagbearer abroad.

The idea of this project is to look ahead, investing in a modern production facility which is also adapted to the needs of artisinal production, placing it within a park, a natural environment to be lived and shared and that can continue to spread the culture and become a reference point for those passionate about Craft Beer as well as those simply looking for new experiences.

We chose Piozzo as our “home”, a small town overlooking the Langhe – a great land of wines and wineries, that accepted this “betrayal” of tradition, showing us friendship, open mindedness and has become a source of inspiration – where it was born, where the ideas are born and where it’s energy comes from.

The new brewery is a combination of all of these views.

Baladin is a brewery at the forefront, producing Living Beer within a park created to host many people. The work on transforming this area is divided into two blocks: the requalification of the functional areas (completed) and the requalification of the park, including the old farmhouse, whose work continues thanks to your contributions! This ambitious project took over one and a half years to design and involved many national entities, working in various sectors, proof of how important Craft Beer has become for the Italian economy. The Baladin Open Garden will be an important part of the “Open” project, born as the first open source Beer in Italy and developed in a series of locations where, sharing space with other national brewers contributed to spreading knowledge. It then became a beerkit so that every passionate home brewer can replicate the recipe and then a festival, now in its third edition, dedicated to Live Beer and Brewers that are invited as guests, not to “work” and where, in 2016, there were 200 beers served, representing 200 Italian craft brewers. The park that you are helping to create will be a fundamental stop in tourism linked to Made in Italy, to Italian excellence, to craftsmanship and products from the Earth, sustainability, environment, being together and discovering Live Beer. Always more and more Open, in the name of sharing and we want this project to be YOURS as well.